Dream Again – A Concert By Flow

Dream Again – A Concert By Flow

Dream Again – A Concert By Flow Academy
“It may take years to make me real,
Or moments if courage is inside you.
A thought so real would have me killed,
But if you close your eyes and feel,
In time, I will heal.”

I am, a DREAM.
While all of us were born with the ability to imagine and dream, few kept it sharpened over the years. This December, Flow Academy wants to take you back in time, to the naïve but beautiful world full of possibilities, color and most of all, hope. Through 18 passionately designed performances, over 120 performers from all brackets of age and different walks of life took up the opportunity to challenge themselves and re-enact a series of wonderful dreams.

Presented by Flow Academy
Date & Time: 21st December 2019 @ 7pm
Venue: Pentas 1, klpac
Tickets: RM88, RM118, RM138 & RM168