LIGHT Creative Development Showings

Drugs, guns, love, war, freedom, racism and free market capitalism.

The theft of Penang, birth of Adelaide, and the rise of the British Empire.

In 1786 Francis Light claimed the island of Penang property of the British. Fifty years later his son, William, laid out the city of Adelaide. In the midst of all this, William’s mother evaporated.
Light is the phenomenal story of two generations of adventures and how the irreversible impact of their actions, continue to resonate today. One family, crushed between East and West, struggles for identity as history is slowly colonised. Within their lifetime’s humanity is divided into light and dark, us and them.

Simultaneously personal and universal, metaphoric and literal, Light questions the way in which our collective past is remembered, and how it perpetuates systemic prejudice today. Light explores History as myth and propaganda. Light surveys the bias of cultural memory. Light questions the black and white interpretation of truth, in which the world is divided into light against shadow and darkness.

Light is a near-impossible task; 98 years of semi-remembered history, across four continents, performed by three actors, in under two hours.

Light is a cross cultural collaboration between Director/Writer Thomas Henning (The Black Lung) of Australia and TerryandTheCuz of Malaysia.

TerryandTheCuz are among the most scorned and ostracised independent performance-making companies in Malaysia, with a rapidly growing reputation throughout Australia, Europe and The Americas for dismantling the norm.

Thomas Henning is a neo-colonial car-accident busily appropriating and commodifying other people’s cultures in a limp attempt at turning a profit.

Innovative and inspired cross-cultural creative collaboration comes together in an unforgettable collision of perspective and opinion like champagne and cocaine shot directly into the back of yer f*king heart. Taste the rainbow!!
Presented by TerryandTheCuz
Date & Time:
23rd – 26th August 2019 @ 8.30pm
25th August 2019 @ 3pm
28th – 29th August 2019 @ 8.30pm
Venue: Indicine, klpac
RM 30 (Preview @ 23rd August)
RM 45
** Tickets on sale soon.
Creative Team
Producer: TerryandTheCuz
Creators: Thomas Henning and TerryandTheCuz
Writer/Director: Thomas Henning
Designer: TerryandTheCuz
Sound Designer: Liam Barton
Video Designer: Bryan Chang
Costumes: Dominique Devorsine
Junji Delfino
Gavin Yap
Arief Hamizan
General Manager: Karina Grewal
Production/Stage Manager: Joyce Tay
Assistant Stage Manager: Joanne Ooi



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