The Other Story of Ah-Q《阿Q外傳》

The Other Story of Ah-Q《阿Q外傳》

在舞台戲服佈景都不完整的假想中造反,8 個演員,搬演 24 個無需粉墨依然登場的角 。《阿Q外傳》 本劇作家宮本研 Ken Miyamoto 的作品,靈感來 魯迅經典短篇 說集《吶喊》,並以《阿Q正傳》為主軸,切都從阿Q開始,也從阿Q結束。失敗的英雄 命的賊,救 的醫學殺 的挑起阿Q的 嘲和卑微,剖開孔  的封建迂腐,刺破 以為 命家的熱 與淡漠,剁碎螻蟻百姓的末善末惡,或可憎或可笑或可憐或可嘆,從來都是出 那  不曾絕望的期盼。

Staged reading - a traditional preparation for the stage.
Staged reading - also a show where incompleteness meets imagination.

Challenging incomplete stage/costumes/set, imaginatively, 8 actors perform 24 roles - barefaced for the audience.

The Japanese playwright, Ken Miyamoto’s work, “The Other Story of Ah-Q” is inspired by Lu Xun’s classical short story collection, “Call to Arms” and is based on “The Story of Ah-Q”.

It all starts with Ah-Q, and it all ends with Ah-Q. A failed hero - a revolutionary thief, life-saving medicine - a killing knife, triggering Ah-Q’s self-mockery and inferiority, dissecting Kong Yiji’s feudal decay, bursting the self-proclaimed revolutionary’s passion or apathy, mincing the commoner’s good and evil, life’s loathings, ricidules, pities, laments, which have always come from a never despairing expectation.
劇情簡介 Synopsis
成長於 戰時期並在北京度過少年歲 的宮本研,透過對魯迅思想的解構和再架構,在60年代末以他擅長描述命與群眾關係的創作風格,寫下《阿Q外傳》 劇。他將魯迅筆下許多經典 物,如:阿Q( 個卑微的愚 ,也是 暴 棄 我安慰精神勝利法的符號),放上舞台與魯迅和其所在的動盪時空,交織在起對話。透過劇中不同階層的角 ,探究社會改 進程中各種的 盾、憤怒與悲哀。“對民眾來說,命到底是什麼︖對 命  ,民眾到底是什麼︖”定要失敗才是英雄︖救的醫學是否會借 殺 的 ︖
Ken Miyamoto - born during World War II and having spent his youth in Beijing - deconstructed and reconstructed Lu Xun’s beliefs to write “The Other Story of Ah Q” in the late sixties using his expert style of depicting revolutions and social relationships. He gathered many of Lu Xun’s classic characters to dialogue on stage, sharing the space with Lu Xun and the tumultuous times they belonged to. Through these characters of different statuses, the story examined what a social revolution could bring: the dilemmas, the rage, the grief. “To the people, what exactly is a revolution? To the revolution, what exactly are the people?” Must one fail to become a hero? Can medicine save, and yet borrow a knife to kill?
策展  Curators : 羅國  Loh Kok Man &  永益 John Wong
製作  Producer : 林偉彬 Pam Lim
導演 Director : 羅國  Loh Kok Man
演員 Casts :
愛美麗亞 Amelia Tan
商權 Eugene Ng
狄妃 Ruby Faye
葉國  Noah Yap
吳欣諭 Koh Xin Yu
陳志堅 Chee Ken
洪梓宗 Ang Chee Chong
李偉仲 Lee Woei Zhong

Date/Time:14th May 2020 (Thursday), 8.30 PM
15th May 2020 (Friday), 8.30 PM
16th May 2020 (Saturday), 8.30 PM
17th May 2020 (Sunday), 3.00 PM
17th May 2020 (Sunday), 8.30 PM

Age Limit:
6 years old and above

Ticket Information:
RM35.00 (Dcard)
RM38.00 (Normal)

RM33.00 (Early Bird till 31th March 2020)



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